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Movie Recommendations

I had an enlightening conversation with one of my favorite participants at FNB, Kevin, who last night informed me that I must watch two movies to help me get to know Tina Turner.  Why were we discussing Tina Turner?  Because Tina knows how to take care of her skin.  Kevin will be 50 in 2014 and he face is still an impressive landscape, free of winkles, and often featuring a joyous smile.  The key to this type of attitude?  Don’t let your worries own you.  There will be time to get it done, so don’t stress about it, make the most of it!


He recommended…




Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome



Have you seen these?  Are they amazing?  Do you have other recommendations?  Go!

1 thought on “Movie Recommendations”

  1. Awesome post. Thanks for sharing! I recently have started washing my face sometimes so hopefully I can have Tina Turner-esque skin soon.

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