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For decades, local, anti-war group Food Not Bombs (FNB) has shared vegetarian food with hungry Houstonians downtown, four nights a week. We are 100% volunteer and do not get any city, state, or federal funding. In March of 2023, HPD began issuing citations for the misdemeanor charge “CONDUCT A FOOD SERVICE EVENT (FEED HOMELESS).” The potential fines are up to $2,000 each. As of March 13th, we are already on the hook for up to $10,000, and it goes up every night we get a ticket.

We will do our best in court, but meanwhile, we need to raise money to help the volunteers who are increasingly risking their liberty and financial well-being. Any money not spent on fines will go to the Houston Food Not Bombs general fund, where it is spent on things like food, plates, pots, and blankets. Our volunteers are never paid a penny, and we are not compensated for gas money or other personal expenses.